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BoneSmart and Maxx Orthopedics Announce Collaboration to Develop Educational Content

BoneSmart and Maxx Orthopedics are pleased to announce an exciting partnership to develop educational content for patients undergoing knee replacement surgery.

The collaboration between BoneSmart® and Maxx Orthopedic brings together an independent, educational platform for patients and a rapidly growing orthopaedic implant manufacturer in the world. "BoneSmart is excited about this collaboration which brings Maxx Orthopedics’ Freedom Knee® implants and surgeons to our patient community," said Mark Sacaris, CEO, BoneSmart, LLC. The opportunities for Maxx Orthopedics are to provide awareness and education on its Freedom Knee® System to BoneSmart patients, as well as, connect BoneSmart patients to orthopaedic surgeons that use these implants. “Maxx Orthopedics is excited about this collaboration, which brings together our Freedom Knee® System and surgeons to BoneSmart’s robust patient community," said Ashesh Shah, CEO, Maxx Orthopedics.

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