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Knee Replacement System Custom Designed for Asian Patients Available Throughout India

Mumbai, India (29 January, 2011) -- Maxx Medical, Pvt. Ltd., a global medical device company with USA-based research and manufacturing facilities, today announced all-India availability of the Freedom Total Knee® System ("Freedom Knee"). The Freedom Knee is a high-flexion knee replacement system specifically engineered to address the unmet market need for smaller sized and differently proportioned implants that better support Indian lifestyle and physiology.

Renowned joint replacement surgeons from across India, together with company officials and patients, gathered at the Taj Mahal Palace and Hotel to mark the country-wide rollout of the Freedom Knee and to discuss their first-hand experiences with the product.

Due to its component sizing, an eye towards preserving bone during surgery and high flexion features, Freedom Knee has quickly been dubbed the "Asian Knee" by surgeons and patients throughout the country. India has the second largest elderly population in the world and a rapidly growing number of knee replacement surgeries performed given the high incidence of arthritis. However, studies have proven that approximately 50 percent of the Indian population needs implant sizes and features that were not previously available. Improper implant fit can significantly limit patient movement, negatively impact comfort and increase the chance of post-operative complications. Furthermore, Indians generally have less bone stock than their western counterparts, a condition that can make surgery more difficult and lead to a more limited range of motion. With Freedom Knee, surgeons throughout India finally have a knee replacement option specifically designed with Indian patient size and lifestyle needs in mind.

"Long survival of any joint implant needs good anthropometric analysis based on the target population, and the implant design should take these specific anatomical differences in to consideration. Though the designer surgeon of the Freedom Knee, Dr.Asit Shah, was born in the USA and educated at Harvard Medical School, his commitment and involvement in developing the knee implant for the specific anatomical needs of Indian/Asian patients has resulted in the Freedom Knee," said Professor Dr. N.S.Laud of Mumbai. "In addition, the simple and efficient design of the system instruments helps surgeons obtain the best fit for their patients with minimum bone resection."

"Freedom Knee is manufactured to exacting USA standards," Dr. Nilen Shah, the distinguished orthopedic surgeon from Mumbai said. "Patients in India, especially women with arthritis, are smaller than their western counterparts and require full bend of the knee. Freedom Knee comes in a multitude of small sizes with high flexion to address this requirement." Dr. Hemant Wakankar from Pune expressed similar sentiments, "I was particularly impressed with the high flexion results." "The Freedom Knee prostheses is the next logical advance that will benefit Asian patients with arthritis, since it was developed with Asian knee dimensions in mind," added Dr. Harish Bende of Mumbai.

"It’s important for people suffering from osteoarthritis to know that there is an option for them that was developed with their lifestyle and anatomy in mind," said Ashesh Shah, President & CEO, Maxx Medical. "Patients no longer have to compromise with retro-fit systems. Those wanting to get back to the activities they enjoyed before suffering from knee pain should ask their doctors about the benefits of Freedom Knee."

Freedom Knee is a complete primary knee replacement system developed collaboratively by leading orthopedic and biomedical design experts featuring all of the options surgeons want to help most of their patients needing a knee replacement. The system leverages advanced engineering technologies and deep clinical expertise to enhance every aspect of total knee replacement surgery, including surgical technique, instruments and implants. Freedom Knee has received US FDA, Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI), and CE Mark approvals, making it the only system sold globally yet designed with features that specifically address Asian patients’ needs.

Freedom Total Knee® Patient Advantages

  • Size & Fit – Freedom Knee offers dynamically proportioned femoral components, including smaller and transitional sizing options, so that surgeons can better customize fit according to patient size and stature

  • High Flexion - Freedom Knee supports the deep knee bending and range of motion needs of Asian patients, including running, biking, transitioning from squatting to standing, and sitting on the floor cross-legged. The system features the only known all-poly tibial component specifically designed for high flexion and approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration (US FDA)

  • Bone Preservation - Freedom Knee enables surgeons to preserve more bone stock, which better supports patients’ long-term mobility. In some cases, surgeons are able to conserve 50 percent more bone stock than with other contemporary systems, an advantage that is particularly useful for the Asian population

For more information about Freedom Knee, interested parties can visit or contact Mr.Vivek Shah ( or Mr.Tarak Buch (

About Maxx Medical Pvt. Ltd. Maxx Medical Pvt. Ltd. ("Maxx Medical") develops and markets innovative orthopedic medical devices on an international scale. The company is focused on providing state-of-the-art implants and related solutions that best restore patient mobility while accommodating lifestyle, anatomical and economic needs. Maxx Medical is the parent company of Maxx Orthopedics, Inc., the manufacturer of the Freedom Total Knee® System. For more information visit

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