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Maxx Medical Announces Broad Availability of Cruciate Retaining Primary Knee System Offering

Maxx Medical, Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to announce the general market availability of its cruciate retaining (CR) option for the Freedom Total Knee System ("Freedom Knee"). Launched first in India, The Freedom Knee is a complete primary knee replacement system that notably features bone conserving and high flexion cruciate retaining (CR) and posterior stabilizing (PS) options, as well as all-poly and metal-backed tibial options.

Developed collaboratively by leading orthopedic and biomedical design experts, the Freedom Knee leverages advanced engineering technologies and deep clinical expertise to enhance every aspect of total knee arthroplasty, including surgical technique, instruments and implants. "I’ve performed more than 100 surgeries using the Freedom Knee," said Dr. Narendra Vaidya, an early adopter of the Freedom Knee who is the Chief of Orthopedics and Director at Lokmanya Hoapital in Pune. "The system was clearly designed to deliver successful, reproducible results. In particular, the component and size options enable me to provide patients with the best solutions without compromise." Freedom Total Knee® System Highlights

  • System Flexibility – The Freedom Knee offers surgeons versatile implant configurations that include M/L and A/P femoral components available in both CR and PS options; a universal metal-backed tibial baseplate that accommodates left and right sides as well as PS and CR liners; and, an all-poly tibial component

  • Size & Fit - The system offers dynamically proportioned femoral components, including smaller and transitional sizing options, so that surgeons can better customize fit according to patient size and stature. This allows for more sizing options for smaller statured patients

  • High Flexion - The Freedom Knee supports the deep knee bending and range of motion needs of today’s active patients, including running, biking, transitioning from squatting to standing, and sitting on the floor cross-legged. The system features the only known all-poly tibial component specifically designed for high flexion and approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration (US FDA)

  • Bone Preservation - The Freedom Knee’s innovative femoral component design enables surgeons to achieve high flexion while preserving bone stock, to better support patients’ long-term mobility. In some cases, surgeons are able to conserve 50 percent more bone stock than with other contemporary systems, an advantage that is particularly useful for the Asian population

  • Surgical Advantages - The Freedom Knee supports bloodless and minimally-invasive surgery. The surgical instrument set accommodates all of the system’s implant options and features an intuitive tray layout and design to reduce the surgical steps and instruments required

"We’re proud to be able to offer a state-of-the art, complete knee replacement system that provides flexibility and unique component options that accommodate surgical preferences as well as patient needs," said Ashesh Shah, CEO, Maxx Medical. The Freedom Knee has received US FDA, Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) and CE Mark approval. For more information about the Freedom Knee, including sales and distribution opportunities or clinical trial participation, interested parties can visit

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